Plumbing Leak Causes: Corrosion, Pressure, Clogs

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the common causes of leaks present in your home’s plumbing pipe system. Such leaks can be caused by several different culprits, and may lead to issues ranging from water damage and mold formation to a rising water bill each month.

At My Buddy the Plumber in Park City, we’re proud to offer a variety of services that help prevent plumbing issues like leaks, from drain cleaning to pipe jetting, water heater replacement and many others. In today’s part two, we’ll go over several other factors that may be playing a role in your leaking pipes, plus what you can do about them to prevent them from posing such risks.

causes home plumbing leaks

Corrosion Over Time

Particularly if your home is older and still has pipes that were installed several decades ago, the potential for corrosion building up within some area of the pipe is certainly present. Copper and steel pipe materials, in particular, are prone to rust and other forms of corrosion over a period of years.

When this happens, the metal is weakened and the pipes themselves are corroded, often leading to direct holes or cracks that spout leaks. Pipes should be checked every few years for signs of such issues, and older pipes should be replaced with modern, corrosion-resistant materials.

Seal or Joint Problems

Most plumbing pipe setups feature various joints on curved corner areas, which are in charge of connecting such areas where changes in direction are needed. Over time, however, these joints may loosen or their seals may become damaged, leading to leaks coming from that corner area anytime it flows through that section of pipe.

One tip on avoiding this risk: Be gentle on your plumbing by avoiding abrupt turn-ons and turn-offs, plus avoid large blasts of hot water from the tap where possible.

Water Pressure Concerns

Another common cause of leaks in pipes over time is water pressure that’s set too high within a given system. While you certainly want the proper level of pressure for things like showers or washing dishes, too much – above 60 psi, or pounds per square inch – is not necessary and just weakens, cracks or even outright breaks pipes.

Clog Issues

If you’ve noticed drains clogging, this may be a sign of pipe blockages somewhere within the system. The clog itself might contain corrosive substances, but many homeowners worsen the issue by placing chemical cleaners down the drain – these may clear the clog, but they also might damage pipes and lead to the kind of damage that causes leaks.

For more on the causes of water leaks and how to prevent them in your pipes, or to learn about any of our plumbing or HVAC services, speak to the staff at My Buddy the Plumber in Park City today.