Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is a much more efficient (and comfortable) way to get your home cool in the hot Park City, Utah summer. Are you still stuck in the time of window units, but you’re interested in changing over to a modern way of cooling? My Buddy The Plumber Heating & Air is here to help.

So Many Problems with Portable AC Units

It’s definitely cheaper to just pop in a few window units and leave it at that. Or is it?

For a home that doesn’t already have central air, window air conditioning units are an easy solution, but it’s more of a temporary fix. The first reason? They are extremely inefficient. You will waste so much energy and you won’t even get your home as cool as you’d prefer. Sure – you’ll make a dent in the heat index, but you’re still going to be eagerly awaiting cool fall air, both for your comfort and for your energy bill budget.

central air conditioning unit
Why Central Cooling Makes Sense for Park City Homeowners

There are so many benefits to installing central cooling. For one, you can instantly remove those ugly window units and get the view out your windows back. In fact, if you have a cooler summer day where A/C isn’t required, you can open those windows and take advantage of the breeze – no window units in your way.

Another great benefit is the energy savings. Central cooling systems, especially when coupled with smart thermostats, can drastically reduce the amount you spend on electricity every month. Your home will be more comfortable to live in, and you will likely pay less to get it that way.

Next, think about air quality. Central cooling processes all air through a filter. This will reduce the amount of pollutants you breathe in every day. Your air quality gets better along with the comfort level.

Of course, there’s the noise of a window unit to think about too. If you’re tired of feeling like your home is an industrial factory when your window units are all cranked up to their maximum cooling level, you’ll love the peace and quiet of central air.

The Central Air Conditioning Upgrade Process

The first step to install a new central cooling system at your Park City home is to assess the size of the space you need cooled. We are well-versed in selecting the ideal systems based on the square footage that must be covered. We always make sure your investment is going to give you the greatest return. That means we don’t install a system that’s too small and won’t deliver the same effectiveness, and we also don’t install systems that are too large and make you waste money up front. We find a balance for your home and your budget.

Call My Buddy The Plumber Heating & Air today to get a quote on the cost of a central cooling system for your Park City home or business. Make this summer and every summer after more comfortable and cost-effective!