Water Softener Installation

A water softener installation solves many problems, most of which come down to one central issue: hard water. When you can’t get your clothes clean and your dishes look dull, hard water is usually the cause.

It’s frustrating when you feel like no matter how much water and soap you use, it’s pointless! But a water softener installation can correct these issues, and you can find out exactly how much a whole-home water softener installation will cost when you talk to My Buddy The Plumber Heating & Air.

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Why Hard Water Isn’t Ideal for Park City Families

Hard water is water that has a high level of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. These are absorbed from the soil. It’s a problem that’s especially common in parts of the country known for having hard water, simply because the earth the water comes from is heavily laden with minerals. In no way is hard water a danger to your health, it’s simply an inconvenience, but it’s an inconvenience that can have serious consequences.

The biggest issue you will likely see with a home running on hard water is that your appliances will break down much faster than they should. The minerals from the hard water build up within dishwashers and water heaters, causing parts to fail and making you pay for repairs earlier and more often than you would otherwise.

Another issue is how hard water works in the cleaning process. The minerals coat everything, making it harder for you to get items clean that need to be, such as your dishes and your laundry. Clothes often don’t get as bright white as they should. Dishes might feel like they have a coating on top.

And of course, there’s you as well – you bathe in hard water, after all. It might be hard to rinse all of the soap out of your hair effectively, and when you get out of the shower, you might feel like you still have a coating on your skin.

Our Step-by-Step Water Softener Installation Process

We know hard water is less than ideal, but thankfully, a whole-home water softener installation does the trick. Water doesn’t enter your home until it runs through a filter that removes all of the excess minerals you don’t want in your water. We will first assess the amount of water you use on a day-to-day basis, then we will recommend the right size system for you.

The Water Softener Difference Is Remarkable!

After your breakup with hard water, you will immediately notice a difference! Your hair will be shinier and your laundry brighter. It’ll be easier to get your dishes clean. The before and after is immediately noticeable, and it’s worth it.

Call My Buddy The Plumber Heating & Air today for information on water softener installations. We’re here to help your plumbing work for you by delivering the best quality water possible.