Reliable Emergency Plumbing Services in Park City, Utah

When you get stuck with a plumbing emergency, you want a plumber you can trust. That’s why My Buddy the Plumber offers 24-hour services to Park City residents who run into plumbing problems that just can’t wait. Whether it’s the weekend, a holiday, or the middle of the night, My Buddy the Plumber is the plumbing company in Park City, Utah that will always be there when you need us, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

But how do you know what counts as a plumbing emergency, and what can wait until regular business hours? If you’re less familiar with the mechanics of plumbing, you may be unsure. Here are a few common plumbing issues that you should get checked out right away if you encounter them in your home or business.


Sump Pump Failure

If you have a flood-prone basement, chances are you have a sump pump to keep your basement from filling up with water when it rains or snows. Sump pumps keep your basement dry by collecting water in a sump pit and diverting it from your home. When your sump pump fails, not only do you have a mess to clean up in the basement, but you also risk severe and costly water damage to your home. Wet walls, floors, and other building materials can grow mold and mildew, which is hazardous to your health. Moreover, water hastens rotting and causes wood and wallboard to warp. Water can also cause electrical problems, and other issues. 

If you discover that your sump pump isn’t working, even if it is the middle of the night, call My Buddy the Plumber. Our 24-hour emergency plumber will come out to your Park City home and get your sump pump running properly again.

Overflowing Toilets

One of the most common after-hours emergencies that our 24-hour plumbers handle is overflowing toilets. As bad as a water leak in your Park City home is, it’s even worse if the water is contaminated with sewage.

Overflowing toilets are more than just gross — they can be dangerous. If untreated sewage is backing up into your home or business due to an overflowing toilet, this poses the risk of spreading harmful bacteria, such as hepatitis, E. coli, tetanus, and more. Leaving an overflowing toilet unaddressed is a liability for businesses and a safety hazard for all. 

For an immediate — but temporary — fix, cut the water supply by turning off the valve on the pipe under the toilet tank. Then call My Buddy the Plumber for 24-hour plumbing services. We’ll head right out to your Park City home to unclog your toilet and get it working again.

Leaking Pipes

A minor leak in a pipe may not seem like an emergency, but even the smallest leaks have the potential to cause enough water damage to run up a bill. Not only that, but leaking pipes can interact with electricity to create dangerous situations. The quickest way to stop a leaking pipe is to turn off the water in your home or business. Although you may be able to go a few hours without running water, if you find a leak on a Friday night and have to turn off your water, you won’t want to wait until Monday morning to get help from a plumber. That’s why My Buddy the Plumber offers its Park City customers 24-hour, year-round emergency services.

Call My Buddy, the 24-Hour Plumber

Whether you have an active leak, a clogged drain or your water heater is on the blink, call our expert team. If it’s after hours, don’t worry — our 24-hour plumbers are on standby to help you whenever you have an emergency.


If you notice any of these issues in your home or business, or you find another time-sensitive plumbing problem, give us a call. We’re proud to be a plumbing company in Park City, Utah that provides its clients with 24-hour emergency services.