Risks Involved in Neglecting Fall Furnace Tune-Ups

If you’re a savvy homeowner who has been in your house for several years and knows the drill come this time of year, chances are you already schedule furnace tune-ups during the fall. If you’re new to homeownership, on the other hand, you might be wondering why such a tune-up is necessary – after all, if the system doesn’t seem to have any problems, what’s the need?

At My Buddy the Plumber in Park City, our furnace repair professionals are here to tell you exactly why an expert inspection and tune-up of the furnace is vital headed into heating season. Let’s look at several important touch points here, from the way it impacts your day-to-day life to the impact it has on your long-term comfort and pocketbook.

Safety and Health

For starters, ensuring your furnace and related components are operating optimally keeps you and your family both warm and breathing high-quality air throughout the winter. This begins with ensuring your filters are properly maintained and air isn’t being contaminated in any way.

This also extends to other potential risks, particularly those that come with aging furnaces. Some older models may begin to show cracks in their heat exchangers, which in turn can leak dangerous carbon monoxide into the home. But our inspections and tune-up services will catch these issues and allow us to eliminate them before the winter arrives.

Proper Airflow

Another area we look at during a tune-up is whether the air handler components are working properly, allowing the warm air produced by your furnace to spread properly throughout the house. We’ll confirm that proper air pressure is present and the HVAC fan is up-to-date.

Saving Money and Extending Lifespan

Two areas that go hand-in-hand are saving you money and extending the lifespan of your furnace and overall HVAC system – and both take place when you adhere to a yearly furnace maintenance schedule. A furnace that isn’t tuned up will lose its efficiency much faster than those that are, causing it to undergo more stress each year to heat your home to the same level and raising your utility bills in the process.

With regular service, however, you keep the furnace running longer and can also properly plan for replacement. When our technicians begin to notice the signs that your furnace is nearing the end of its life, we can take proactive steps for replacement that allow you to make a seamless, cost-effective transition.

First Use Issues Avoided

Have you ever noticed a burning, noxious smell for the first few days or weeks when you turn on the furnace at the beginning of cooling season? This is due to a dust or debris build-up, the kind that’s easily avoided by tuning up your furnace ahead of time.

Warranty Conditions

Finally, did you know that many manufacturers include a clause in their furnace warranties that requires you to obtain yearly service on the furnace? In these cases, failing to do so will almost always void the warranty and leave you on the hook if your system fails during the winter.

For more on why fall furnace tune-ups are so important, or to learn about any of our plumbing or heating and air services, speak to the staff at My Buddy the Plumber today.