Preparing Furnace Components for Upcoming Winter, Part 1

The temperatures have turned, leaves are on the ground, and it’s clear to homeowners throughout Utah that winter is on the horizon. This means it’s time to prepare a few vital areas of your home for the cold season, including the furnace that will help keep you and your family warm all winter.

At My Buddy the Plumber in Park City, we offer a wide range of furnace repair services in addition to our plumbing, water heater replacement and smart thermostat solutions. We’ll gladly assist you with any maintenance or upgrade needs for your furnace or related components as the winter approaches. This two-part blog will go over a number of different basic recommendations we can offer for the transition into winter, from those you can perform yourself to areas where you might need the assistance of our HVAC technicians.

Thermostat Changes

For starters, you have to ensure your thermostat is prepared for the upcoming season. This begins with switching it over from cooling to heating format, something you’ve likely done already as fall temperatures have dropped. If you have any issues with this basic transition, call one of our technicians for help.

Once the thermostat is flipped, those with programmable or smart thermostat options should take the time to schedule their basic heating needs. Set the temperature at least 10 degrees lower during periods when no one will be in the house, such as during the weekdays when everyone is at work or school – this will save you both money and energy in the long run.

Winterizing AC Unit

To help save you some money and hassle next spring, take some time to winterize your outdoor AC condenser unit. The primary area here is covering this condenser to ensure it’s protected from falling icicles, and you can also consider using a board to cover the fan if you like. One practice we do not recommend here is wrapping any part of the condenser in a moisture-trapping tarp, which can cause issues.

Changing Filter

Your HVAC filter should be changed regularly, and the transition into winter is a good reminder period. This saves you money on heating bills, makes your air cleaner and even reduces stress on your various HVAC components over time.

Ceiling Fans

One little warming hack some homeowners aren’t aware of: If you have ceiling fans in your home, you can reverse their direction so they spin clockwise rather than their usual counterclockwise. This will cause them to create an updraft of cool air, bringing any warm air that’s been trapped in higher places downward.

Heat Exchanger

One area we recommend having handled by our professionals is a cleaning and brushing of your heat exchanger within the HVAC system. We will also inspect this component for any cracks or damage that might lead to dangerous carbon monoxide leaks in your home.

For more on preparing the furnace for the transition into winter, or to learn about any of our plumbing or HVAC services, speak to the staff at My Buddy the Plumber today.