HVAC Considerations for Finishing a Home Basement

For those looking to invest in the improvement of their home, a finished basement is a common upgrade. From added space to increasing home value and several other potential benefits, finishing a basement can be both a fulfilling and practical job.

At My Buddy the Plumber, we’re here to help with one vital area of any basement finishing project: Ensuring proper heating and air components are installed and working optimally so your finished space is comfortable and healthy to spend time in. Whether this involves a new heating and AC installation or just re-connecting and upgrading your current system, our technicians will complete the job quickly and affordably. Here are a few of the areas we’ll help you assess and upgrade if needed, plus why hiring a reputable HVAC contractor for this type of project is a must.

Assessing and Modifying Current System

One of the first areas we’ll work with you on when determining HVAC needs for your new finished basement will be whether your current equipment and connections are suitable for the new space. Finishing a basement means adding a number of additional square feet too the space in your home that requires heating and cooling – some current HVAC systems will have plenty of capacity left to handle this space, but others may not.

During this assessment, one of the factors we’ll discuss with you is the planned use for the new space. Some finished basements are designed as full-time living spaces for someone in the house, while others are only for temporary or even sparing use. These details will help us determine, for instance, whether you might want to consider a zoned thermostat system for separate temperature control, or whether the current thermostat is acceptable.

Moisture and Air Quality

As the lowest point in homes, basements can be more prone to moisture issues due to the simple realities of gravity. For this reason, it’s vital to also consider areas like sealing, waterproofing, drainage and especially humidity, which our HVAC pros can assist you with. If moisture is making its way into your basement without your knowledge, not only will it risk the comfort levels of anyone using the space, it could also lead to mold growth or water damage issues that will be costly to repair and potentially harmful to your health.

Knowledgeable Professional Contractor

While it might be temping to attempt to complete this job on your own, we highly recommend against it unless you have specific plumbing and HVAC training. What if you need to pull a permit for new HVAC equipment or adding new ductwork? Our pros can help. How about designing a new utility room or storage space for a new hot water tank or furnace? There are several areas here that are best left to certified HVAC experts.

For more on finishing a basement with proper HVAC components, or to learn about any of our HVAC or plumbing services, speak to the staff at My Buddy the Plumber today.