Preparation Tips Before Installing Central Air Conditioning

If you’ve chosen to transition your home over from an outdated cooling system to a new central air conditioning program, you’ve made a great choice. Central air conditioning holds numerous benefits, from interior comfort to cost efficiency and several others, and can be either installed brand new or retrofitted into certain home types.

At My Buddy the Plumber, we’re happy to offer a full range of central air conditioning installation choices and additional services. For both your own benefit and the convenience of our installers, there are a few areas we might recommend attending to in advance of installing a new central air system – here are some of the areas we’re talking about, both in terms of ahead of the installation and the day-of itself.

Advanced Planning Areas

Some factors to consider days or weeks in advance of the installation:

  • The right HVAC partner: For starters, ensure you’re receiving the installation from a company like ours – a licensed, insured and reputable HVAC service company that can provide references and years of experience. Our technicians welcome every detailed question you have about the process or your options for installation, questions you should be asking to any potential installer to assess their capability.
  • Space and access: Once you’ve linked up with our technicians, it’s good to keep things simple and safe for them. This involves allowing proper access to the areas they’ll be working on in the home – removing any potential hazards or items that are in the way, plus clearing the actual AC space so they have room to work.
  • Ducts: In most cases, central AC installation will utilize ducts already present in your home for moving air around. For this reason, this is a great time to assess all visible areas of your ductwork throughout the home, plus to consider professional sealing if you haven’t done this in a while – this will ensure your new system doesn’t lose air (and raise your costs) due to leaks or other duct issues.

Day of Installation

  • Warranty and other details: While you should be aware of the warranty you’ll be receiving well in advance of installation, the day of the process is a good time to review and confirm any details here, or any other paperwork involved in the installation. Once again, ask detailed and thorough questions about any areas you’re even slightly unsure about, whether it’s cost, future operation or any other area.
  • Be ready to pay: Be aware of the payment methods accepted by your HVAC partner, and be prepared to pay in full with one of these methods when the job is completed as requested.
  • Maintenance plan: Ask about maintenance services and whether a plan is available with the installation. If possible, schedule your first maintenance appointment with your technician before they leave your home.

For more on preparing for the installation of a central air conditioning system, or to learn about any of our plumbing or HVAC services, speak to the staff at My Buddy the Plumber in Salt Lake City today.